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The Ride

Safe too say I’m a little shook, from our first encounter, especially, the ways I’ve daydreamed since, of new ways– in mounting you, poundering for months if I should again, oblige– as my heart races and knees buckle, from the last– breathtaking ride. As you whisper my name again, and again- beckoning fully with pride. … Continue reading



Seering inward at the arrogance of his pillow talk- as he had no problem telling her– with chance, who he’d screw, she listened without ‎correction, prejudice nor any stirring –of overreaction’s brew, knowing once she spoke— of her happy place– he’d need too brase himself, when she began speaking- from her imagination’s view. For she … Continue reading


Passion’s Ghost

She had a want so bad it could be tasted, an imagination so creative, it had refusal to be wasted. A need so profound, it massaged her feeling’s. A touch so compelling, it increased the hunger– too her, conviction’s swelling. She was only trying to figure, how to quench this aggressive thirst, not validate another’s … Continue reading