Creepy Sprinkles


It’s so creepy,
how sleepy
the sky’s coating-
makes me.

I’m For certain,
its urgency submerges & crosses —
in haste–
but ignores,
those who repeat the skies travesty to pull us from Grace..by the face and replace our goals and quiet down the speeding minds with its contaminated-lace.

As I lay in the wee hours struggling for peace,
between opening portal sounds,
dogs barking
and large silver birds constantly,

I wish to scream out,
“hush the barking dogs”
Before they’re location is found,
like the other’s,
that disappeared,
from protecting their grounds.

I recall Isaiah Thomas reminding everyone too look up so there’d be no surprises,
but I fear everyones scared now😷 of what might creep into their eyes, skin, soul while taking a bigger hold–
on memories, & too control..LIFE.

Creepy, what’s that falling?
Or, maybe it’s just my head hanging in sorrow,
watching my heart go unheard,
calling for a deliverance- tomorrow,
Because the fogginess left behind today
won’t be recognized.

As all my wishes
scream at the stars,
they never reached.

I look up to repeat
the same cryptic Twilight zone, speech–
That fell onto deaf ears for years,
as every closed eye is chasing the same dreams that remains- out of reach.
Free will.

While cloudy trails,
play chemical tag over our hair,
with the
poor quality of air-
hostaged to serve as simply
another induced asthma attack, cold and sinus, mix– to flair.

Strong arming,
into long forgotten, naps.

Maybe its best to use reversed pyschology
And just say, like the News-
its nothing to cause panic or fear, perhaps.

For that’s all that’s heard–anyway,
as I steer completely clear,
as flu-like symptoms weaken the newly sprinkled sheep, everyday.

Looking for one morning,
to wake,
and not be sprinkled of fairy dust,
of wanderlust,
while the loud copter that
circles my boudoir,
lingers today without a rush,

gaining a birdeye viee inside as well an access pass,
through the house’s unsealed cracks,
passing the home’s security, thru the newly installed smart box,
gaining Fido’s trust–
with spiked snacks..to out fox the fox.

Lately, I’ve noticed,
different family dog’s missing,
maybe it was disclosed,
in one of the creepy neighborhood meetings.

Working first on the family pets,
getting them out the way.

As our detached homes,
too feel,
more like a Stepford
community- displayed,
‎free of personal thought
‎ mysteriously and invisibly gated
as certain neighborhoods
have already been, caught.

The only sound heard
are of silver birds,
as I’d remain inside,
waiting for a sound check,
too submerge.

As my mechanical neighbor’s begin too stir,
moving in urgence
secretly by a given

Hopefully it’s a good day to reach outside
my comfort zone,
And maybe finally,
have a full signal
too converse,
on my unprivate phone.

​But I get it.
I’ll just refuse too breathe,
today as deeply,
because after the third sprinkle across the sky,
it gets even more creepy.

I heard it’s lochness monster,
before the world,
became fully awake,
sprinkling, away–
too form a tunneled vision,
only army copters trigger and can activate.
Row by row sprinkling all forms
of disease and hate.

Passing out irritation, bi-polarism as well
mysteriously placed guns in crates,
breakout fights enthralling,
as sleepy cells awake…
Granting a final mission,
dutifully, upon crowds too–depopulate.

As casualties simply wait–
empty & void in remembrance of happenings
Til special reports expose,
they’re fate.

If they’ll​ eat,
Be hacked?
stay alive,
and if money stays relevent and
holds on to it’s weight.

As I listen too the creepy aftermath,
before 4am,
I laugh,
although I’m awful at it,
I’ve done all the math.

As the altered weather shuts down the other half.
as an illusioned Sun
fill the skies.
While a hush spreads, quietly
urging black outs
too leave the grids silently.
At 5:59am it hovers,
to give it’s final creepy sprinkle,
a taste of the wind.

Normal too breathe theses toxins in,
while drinking cloudy tap water.

But, Isn’t it creepy how even in distance the propeller sounds muffled?
Like a covered mouth
that can’t scream, cough or breath
while impurities set in.

Holding you down
completely still,
to give your daily dose of medicine,
as FDA & air quality control,
approve the changing moods in this deal.

No one wants,
creepy sprinkles
added too their morning coffee’s cream,
as you find no barking,
Fido has disappeared abruptly,
without warning
no longer apart,
of your family’s team.

Poetry lessons by Tamara Moore a.k.a Anita
Thinker on the Loose-A Thirsty Theorist
Copyright © 2017 Tamaraurmajesty@Wordpress