Nobody’s Baby

As there were no more excuses or comparisons to date,
left too explain her mind’s, closure state —
only a teased and anxious heart
pacified the absences –worthy of her fate.
So young- since going out on a limb looking for love’s endearing story,
when she gave up on its need of patience, once again, quite early.

As her luck would have it,
past relationships —
only seemed too make a clutter of her life–
feeding into the wrong reasons, by friend’s, she also–needed too become a wife.

As all the time of her efforts- went astray,
failed trying too love those–
who didn’t love her that “way”.

For all of what never occured, or was never said–
made a hole in her heart and bigger problems in her head.

As she now challenged every action,
every long stare’s kiss, for it put a pang of pity in her heart–
for all, she thought–she missed.

For the love she gave freely–
was never returned,
as she summed her life up– a dualed candle, as she watched– both ends burn.

The look in her eyes, cried of a love that
resonated so deeply,
settled inside her bones,
yet never onto ears- the chance so sweetly.

Many instances were wished upon,
but to no avail.
A shell of lost opportunities,
she no longer- felt intrigued enough
too fill–
all completely hidden,
behind a
shield of forgotten maybe’s,
as she came too grips with self love-
for she was never– anybody’s baby.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright© 2018 Reserved purpose.