Priceless Peace

I’ll become a figment of your imagination–
a dream’s perfect end,

an oversighted blur
upon a kiss–
cautiously too the wind.

A hidden road lost–
too a treasure’s–find.

A vintage cloud seen overhead–
revisited by-
senilities mind.

That brilliant masterpiece that awaits inside your boudoir
The most tenderest touch craved–
too not stray too far.

I’m that priceless piece you admire over –
and over again–
a timeless love that showcases
the curve that arises within each grin.

The first of gut feelings into valuing–
true worth.

A priceless work of art’s labour,
that incites its phenomenal birth.

‎Reminiscent too a heart poured like candle wax, molded too the notes of music–
played solely by the sax.

Too late too ask Van Gogh,
Rembrandt, Monet–or even Picasso,

too conclusion’s they may have drawn
for a valuable peace remains–priceless,
and its worth, typically unknown.

Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore a.k.a Anita
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright© 2017