Competitive Romance

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

For so long it had me bumping into walls–
to be enthalled by it’s caress,
suggesting by a single rose’s gift-
I was it’s extreme, best
as it proved to me-

with ease,
how it could impale
once impressing my pounding heart–
right from my chest.

Calling my name like it did,
in the shadows –as I hid,
trying to hold on to the last unexposed part, of dignity I had left.
But it groomed me–
crooned me,
too take nothing less from this unions set, before me-
it was counted as my importance
as my eyes closed in amazement, it took away-my breath.
I became addicted to its finesse,
the ways it would suggest-
candlelight, scented with euphoric praise.
As I fell under its spell,
I’d often yell –

when others’ failed,
to exhibit–

that same sensual grace.
I needed romance like breath,

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