The Selfless Date

Fact was they knew one another along time as just friends, shared everything, jokes, secrets, even dirty talk back and forth, but due to distance and business trips, his touch went craved but totally unknown. 

His presence, lips, finger tips, and especially his uncurved bone. 

They spoke many times regarding unlucky scheduled fates,

but lack of an instrument made her   hungered belly ache. 

Setting up a plan to make him want to drill and pave. 

The time was nearing his visit, but her body wouldn’t behave.

Flipping their talk back steamy, 

not knowing how long her loins could wait. 

She maneuvered into the conversation, 

that she was going to have this romantic date. 

His mouth dropped, almost as fast as his grand pizzazz, 

but he remained respectful, knowing he’d waited so long too, yet wanted her just as bad. 

He longed to wine and dine her,  explore her body, attend ending nerves, splurge on her spur tongue, before giving into their urge.

So he asked heart breaking, 

with each measured word. 

What’s he like? 

Where did you meet him? 

As her legs trembled, barely able to keep up the lie, hurt by the sound 

to what his sadness resembled.

She told him let’s video chat, today, 

I’ ll tell you more.

As they ended the call, both turning on their monitors, once she saw him appear, she sweetly said Hi, 

staring long into his baby blues.

He smiled defeatingly,  

speaking back, using those same sexy deep eyes, to keenly view .

She was beautifully made up, flawless, an empty wine glass sat in the background, 

as he checked the atmosphere, looking even more astounded. 

As she got up wearing a red and black bustier lingerie, heels with garter and stocking’s.

Puzzled and hard, he asked again.

Who is this person, already a friend?

She licked her lips, poured a glass of wine, bending over in front of him, showing off smooth well oiled skin, simply blowing his mind.

He looked at the time, to state it was almost 12:00, as she took a sensual sip, bit her bottom lip, saying, 

“this date’s with myself”. 

Care to watch the show?

Back to rubbing his highrise, 

he replied yes. 

As he attentively watched, 

nothing missing his eyes.  

As she narratively spoke about a picnic, covering the sofa and that she had a surprise, they never had the opportunity to do this before. 

As she caressed her full breast, offering him peeks, spreading her legs even more.

Seductively she began eating strawberries, sipping on more wine. As one strawberry that resembled a huge tongue, she kissed, sucking it gently, getting insanely aroused in little time, 

burying the huge berry deeply, watching him, then placing it on her “lady slipper’s mind”, 

as it began to protrude, 

he was wildly stroking in awe, because he hadn’t yet touched or even tasted her nude.

As she looked directly into the screen instructing, touching, rubbing. 

 “No not yet”! She told him.

She needed them, to have this together, at the very same time, 

then they would both climatically scream.. erotically enjoying a new chapter’s bind…upon his promised visit of next week…for their official 1st time.


By Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved for purposes intended Mature Content 18+


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