Vanity’s Pride

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Series of the 7 Deadly -1of 7

It’s been lots of times–
I walked high on my toes,
too look down my nose–at them.
Always appearing too steer clear-
while secretly orchestrating,
and observing –everything
like they’re fears.
For it’s my job-I try.
As my Pride directs each conversation toward my center stage,
and be watchful–
that jealous eyes go dim or full of rage.
For my story’s often better,
gets the pallet wetter and so on and so forth, K seraw seraw..
as my more–
then confident appeal settles in-
as a crowd-getter.
For I meddle, being the I in the center of Pr-I-de
with the minds of my opponents,
just so they can watch me take an easy–win.
Usually they can’t beat me, so they join, or try hardest too outshine me, can you imagine that..
‎I mean after all,
They’re acceptance is only needed…

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