The World’s About To. End Again…Already?

For every couple years when the world’s nearing it’s end, 
I make peace with pending death,

handing over my portion
too the capsule of life,
the rights,
to all–
I have left.

For in it’s grasp-

I’ve never asked-
nor questioned it’s translucent flashes, 

 as they went before my eyes, 

offering quick debuts,

to what Life craves 
and finds dashing
of my avenues.

As the reels reveal
and winning, on my end.

I begin too see a pattern to this,

For I’ve shown life my appreciation in pics and family events,

yet even in it’s vegeance..

I beg it 
for one more day,
past my enemy, too exist.

As I live through its hits,

its blows –
of I don’t knows, and multiple choice,
too what’s next, after all this?

Hoping it allows me too at least witness– marriage and the 1st birth of my youngest.

As I’ve watched at least two of my love story’s fail–
by Life’s tricky sucker punches.

I love Life the good and the bad of it–

though never playing the same games,

LIFE plays with me,

because I’m above it.

They say this time to stay in , as this time a pandemic spreads over us-
as the world ends. 

But this time I act as if–
I don’t comprehend–
I don’t feel like preparing a list,
buying water and survival kits,

and trying to notify, friends.

This time I’m hip
too the crying wolf

as I’ve scrambled in the past,

but this time,
this stern conspiracy theorist is questioning scientific researchers–
on they’re Revelation’s math.

But back too life,
and its narrative scare tactics,
scripted news, practices with Blood moons, new planets, even as missiles fly,
along side disasterous HAARP and flu-like symptoms–
another one of the higher ups–
Depopulation & Martial law antics.

I mean, 
with me living on the edge of my seat for it, 
while it’s dying too replace me.

Or is Life possibly living –to free me?

I just need too put it out there

all the lemons it’s dealt,

all the times I’ve knelt,

all the lemonade I made, 
‎drank, sold and spilt.

Just saying I deserve it’s burst first,

it’s citrusy zest–

relief from all its trials, tribulations–

as I still await it’s best.

So if its the end of the world..again?
wouldn’t we still be devastatingly
possibly applying bricks to rebuild life, resuscitated as nostrils’ breathe back thru the 1st reincarnated– wind?

Maybe its too instill a few lessons
of value and hope onto– the youth, 
or does Life require us too just cover they’re eyes– again,
until we finally recognize–
the finality,
inside it’s proof?

Life’s Lessons By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright© 2019 reserved purposes


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