Untangled Bond

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Must unravel, this unhandled display of being tongue tied in instances. 

By truthfully saying exactly what everyone thinks, and by questioning anything bonded solely by a wink.

Disallowance to untangle an engaged wit, 

of thoughts created to pacify the ways of thinkings that stinks, 

but forms peace, for it is what we all seek, to please a discerned link, 

by the pleasure of an ego and the heart’s need of mink’s.

A cozy cushion of cute words, empty of true meanings, to roam free, floating airily toward our hearts’, but never truly sink.

As we wait for it all to capture and  enthrall us, catch up with our gall and stop appalling the nature in which we crawl to recognize, a ring of infinty trapped inside a real 24 kt compliment’s zing. 

For what I say I mean, no reading between the line, half guesses, if ands, or but’s…

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