Yoni Speaks..

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


Sorry, never been the one too behave,

especially since being “craved”, 

then put up on this damn pedestal  

out of reach, 

far out of existence

and I’ve always been too impatient in my comings

too wait and teach.

                                        As my ebbs and flows curl toes, repetitively releasing and recieving– til the end of my show.

What of it that I can’t give my true self,

 even in stealth?

 Without the need of consistency’s help,

broadcasting details of a story,

 where my identity was held.

 Seeing as though I crawled out from under virginity, 

 with impressionable skill

 beyond questionable cause, 

 yet against my will.

 Purely left impure 

 to seek satisfaction

 as well vengeance, 

 in twirling my distraction, 

 til it becomes an edible trance. 

But only face to face 


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