Lustful Popularity

I bust–even as the wind blows-
when those carnal images refuse too turn me loose-
and begin too flow.

I’m quite popular I may add–
I grace every bookshelf, tv and social media front-
‎even found my way inside alot of y’alls, Moms’ and Dads’.

I’m behind creating flicks with chicks-that stick too the mind, unfiltered, dalliances
of hung guys– that come up from behind….-
‎so, are you finding yourself unbothered
‎by the images I deliver?

‎Well you’ll come around soon enough like the rest,
‎for the nubelous I unleash– will surely make you quiver.

‎I’m every filled fantasy of the under-appreciated–
‎my favourites are
‎the housewife,
‎the hard working man,
‎even those that seek multiple partnersenjoy works
‎usually by my hand.

‎I cater too them all-
‎before they can think or blink twice,
‎I offer images then, I make the calls.

‎I get the ball rolling, the juices flowing, even stance’s harden by chance,
rigid and ready ‎too fall under my trance–hopeful in getting blowed.

By the way–‎I’m lust, the biggest thing since breath, sometimes I move in sync, impulsively, quick– eventimes in stealth.

‎I flow like the blood in veins,
‎the animalistic instinct of the untamed-
‎I motivate disasters in pastor’s and clergymen-
‎too part and eat of strange pie
‎and have no shame.

Afterall, I’m in the hearts’ and minds of many,
increasing the sells of sex and fantasy–
as I’m an alltime favorite, ha- certainly loved by many.

So once alone in your room —
I’m the conscious that calls,
that bravery inside those wild dreams– that awakens, a persistent gall.

Enjoying the heat you seek, all the blustery, flushed– blushes.
For when you ride with me- you learn, exactly my powers of persuasion, as well
what true lust- unfolding–is.

Series of 7 By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
3 of 7. Deadly Sins
Copyright© 2018


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