Misery’s Company


Lost twenty years in misery’s company,

hosted by it’s long winded chats of pity,

picked up it’s​ bad habit of smokes, and drinks,

on the road trip,

in which it– accompanied.

Fell off from it’s​ failures,

lost translation in its harshest speeches,

fought through its sarcasm, poverty, abstinence, wanting effortlessly,

to impeach it.

Lost twenty years,

in misery’s obstacle course,

walked alongside,

it’s guilty mazes,

the blaming, shaming shadiness,

a need of divorce​,

from irreconcilable dangers.

It’s multiple personalities,

its facade too change,

It’s​ conscious effort,

too slip another cup of coffee in,

to decieve eyes, while steady explaining.

It’s theatrical grab for hands,

changing the subject too the weather, no clocks present to absorb the visit,

as talks went on forever.

Pulled into its needs,

that simply,

wouldn’t let go.

Offerings of tea and crumpets,

for it had,

more too show.

The usual suspect, with allowance of treason,

finding dismissal in facts,

As we sat tandem as victims–unable too react.

As misery spreaded wings,

to assure its dread,

It’s being alone,


company intote.

I found a clean break away, in the midst of when its sentence– broke.

No longer in its presence,

to hold misery’s hand,

sighs of relief,

a new lease on life, too balance a single stand,

as luck– looked up,

giving it’s blessings​– on my new


Never again,

‎too look back,

no more a hostage

kept against free will,

in the company of misery’s,

overwhelming interference

and havoc,

‎on lives,

it doesn’t give.

Life lessons -By Tamara Dorsey-Moore

Thinker on the Loose

Copyright © 2017


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