In a dream..


For once I welcomed sleep,
it actually came quite simple,
no stresses,
or nagging reasons
to lay down and rub my temple.
I found myself for once,
needing nothing,
from where I stood at this point,
captured by your stroll,
through my mind daily,
like you owned the joint.
No, I strickly allowed my mind to drift,
taking me there,
floating directly,
towards your awaiting kiss,
where I knew,
you’d be, waiting with care.
I turned over once more, shifting to my back, too further relax,
and found myself instantly dreaming,
as you without hesitation tongue massaged and
had my body steaming.
Casually you complimented me several times on my beautiful smile,
 examing it very closely,
as I closed my eyes, awhile.
Enjoying the feelings, of hands, adventurous lips, and the atmosphere, mostly.
Quickly I felt excitement hit,
as you kept the firmest grip,
I grinned inside out
watching your favorite parts of me lift,
echoes spoke so sweetly, in my soon to be ending dream,
causing heavy lids too
gaze, and crave, full light between peeks.
As he told me too scream,
his name, as I came toward a beautiful stream,
but I couldn’t make out every word said,
as this dream, kept eating at me.
Your sentence stopped midway,
as I watched you mysteriously lick a donut’s cream.
I felt myself floating,
drifting back into the warmness of bed, that’s when I saw it..
still sleep half inside this breathtaking dream.
The stream, now came closer into view, simultaneously in the same moment
your name, I seductively, screamed.
Good Night..See you in your…

Erotic Poetry By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose Mature 18+
Copyright © 2017


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