Creepy Sprinkles

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


It’s so creepy,
how sleepy
the sky’s coat, makes me.
As I struggle at peace,
between portal sounds, dogs barking and planes sprinkling.
Hush the barking dogs!
Before they’re location is found,
like the other’s,
that disappeared,
from protecting, their grounds.
Creepy, What’s that falling?
Oh! Maybe it’s just me hanging my head in sorrow,
watching my heart go unheard, calling from, a neglected,
As all my wishes,
at the stars,
it never reached,
repeating the same apocalyptic, speech,
onto deaf ears,
that remain in a dream.
While cloudy trails,
chemically tagging,
poor air a
hostage, in a sinus hit,
strong arming,
into long forgotten, naps.
Maybe its best to use reversed pyschology
And say,
its nothing to really fear,
I’ll say that, for now,
as I steer completely clear.
Looking for one morning,
to wake,
and not be sprinkled of fairy dust, wanderlust,
or a loud…

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