Dare Me

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


Do I dare?
Return your melting stare,
the way you awake my senergies purely, electrifying, charging
my energy up, inside of me.
I try not too make it hard on you,
but you always drench me,
in unexplainable ways,
with a simple word or two.
See, with your not fitting in,
your trying to wiggle in,
your kisses that touch, every span,
of my jiggling’s, jarring my nerve endings, unending.
Dare me, too take all of you,
today I surely can,
if it was like poker, I’d bet raising you a few,
I’d hold,
your crown responsible,
certainly its capable,
too lay upon my satin crease,
while you steadily grow,
even more too please.
For the abundant pleasures, budding, in protruding needs.
Dare me,
too take a seat,
as I take your breath,
completely away,
stare at you with my hands on your chest,
while my hips never stop…

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