Watch Me

Watch me hold on for dear life,
to my sanity,
values and worth,
in an acid rained world,
full of identity strife.
Taken for granted,
I stand single handedly,
on too my loyalty,
the noble region’s of my seniority,
keeping my head and honesty,
upon me,
as the freedom flows,
in the back of the mind’s consciousness,​ of my royalty.
Getting beside myself,
but taking in all the audacities,
of those who straddle the gate of me.
Watch me,
hold the attention of eyes, that never believed in my dreams.
Watch me hold it together,
while my magnificence burst at the seam.
I’m holding on to dear life, by a rope half tied.
Watch me tie another knot, not too just hang there and hold on,
but too show what I got,
riding inside.
As I hold on for dear life,
eyes fixated,
on my rise,
laughing at
my successes, surprise.
As I leap over hurdles of lies,
that show off and try to leave me high and dry.
Watch me hold on to dear life,
like my life depended on a streams cry,
like if the mist of a rain forest,
was the kiss I needed,
not too die.
Watch me defy the odds,
challenge laws that lie.
Watch me hold on too life
like it’s going out of style,
Like an enemy’s,
trying to run off with my, smile.
See my determination,
like when my mother ran off,
with my 1st born child.
I’m just saying, watch me.

By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017





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