A Poetess Journey Back Home

She wasn’t exactly enthused to be mated,
held down again,
told of what’s best,
or when too come in.
She needed a break from being a girlfriend since early teens,
without a real break, in between,
as he introduced himself too waste 20 more years and treat her loyalty’s and heart mean.
They started hot and heavy,
totally electrifying,
to a tumultuous,
uneven atmosphere of constant brush fires.
The flaring of his temper,
reduced her too a back and forth rock, after jumping the broom is when she saw the differences, and began watching the clock.
As his words began falling onto unlistening ears,
once a mouth that spoke so gentle, until her healing, became clear.
She’d outgrown the childishness of clever sarcasm,
no longer catching thrown apologies, that meant nothing,
and the empty orgasms that thrilled her body, never meshing with her heart and mind.
She shined differently inside,
no longer shallow,
accepting guilt, or puffed of pride.
Everything she was,
was exactly what she needed,
no longer lonely when she was alone,
no longer thirsty or hungering with need,
she found all the shelter and advice she needed was within, her own proximity.
She realized the journey here hadn’t been easy, peering at the tumultuous clouds waving, then, closing her eyes clicking her heels, upon opening them she was home, once

again, raving.

By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017