You’ll Find My Love in Yesterday


Craving the slow down,
back too old–true lazy love,
without strings attached,
too the unlikely matched,
no interference of internet, reality shows, and ringing phone’s​, amongst,
multiple handling .
To awake after a forehead kiss,
to the shower,
humming along too songs I
and during breakfast,
hearing the completion too my song,
by birds happily singing,
to my reflections smile.
You’ll find me, last of the
a limited edition,
among the trends,
pretending in part,
totally unmeshed,
taking it all in,
but playing keep away,
with my heart.
A balancing act,
just breezefully slipping,
in the wind.
Timeless, but unforgetful toward old promises,
from long-time friends.
Taking time,
too smell the roses and too lay back, looking, up in the sky.
Breathing-in the sounds of life and laughter, as they finally come back by,
to teach wisdoms’s happiness,
a failed speech, too deaf ears,
as previous generational ghosts​. Unbeknownst, to even newer breeds,
so hostile,
emotionally I cry,
for they’re weakened, hosts.
How, bittersweet,
it is,
knowing those who felt it before, will certainly enjoy it’s splendid visit,
yet saddened by youthful proof,
that technology equals,
its value, as exquisite.
Dragonflies, flowers and butterflies would get they’re attention craved,
as the vivid colors of yesteryear would come back,
more colorful if we, behaved.
Carnival’s, corndogs and roller coaster screams,
loyalty keeping track,
of honesty’s picnic,
pushing self-worth and morals on a swing.
While appreciation walked alongside self respect,
barefoot, on the beach.
Slowing down just a lil too change, the humdrum scenes,
that plagued, each street.
Calling for the Family reunions, cookouts
games of chance,
softball, volley, spades and dominoes,
ending in a competitive natured dance,
as slick talk runs a marathon, finishing in expressions of,
I still love you’s,
no anger, nothing owed, but too gain acknowledge of love and teach a sportsmanship’s view.
The music returns too romance,
as a slow dance finds my hand’s at peace,
so sweet is a kiss,
as strong arms come up from
behind, for hugs,
that make the knee’s go weak.
Serene ambiance of stars shining brightly,
as the sounds of crickets chirp,
in distance.
A late night cuddle on a porch swing,
until the sandman beckons my dream, and blows,
in my eyes, his politely grained kisses.
So different is the presence my mind gives,
to the realm in which I live,
but excitingly it’s where you’ll find me, enjoying yesteryear.
Unable too let go of its​ hold, on my heart, of old romantic tales told,
never quite embracing,
the present echoes,
as new love stinks, keeping you on toes.
It’s separateness,
that sits on the fence,
uncompassionate selfishness of
empty words, the noncommitted ties, that exist.
It hurts me to see love die this way, so you will always,
find my love,
in yesterday.


By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017


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