Imagination runs..(1 min)

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


I’m that song, that won’t let your heart off the hook.
That shy, eye contact, that makes you take a double look.
That warm inviting smile, that out shines the sun.
That first time away, that was too much fun.
I am the conclusion drawn.
All the mysteries to unravel.
That abstract picture, that sits on your mantel.
I am the wind, that soothingly sings you to sleep.
I am that promise, to others, of their secrets, you keep.
I am the road that takes you, to the extreme.
I am the goals you check off, in all of your dreams.
I am that smile that covers your face, while you sleep.
Also the steamy excitement, of your passionate beat.
I am the reason, you can’t wait to get back home.
For I am your imagination, and with you, I’m free to roam.
I am that quest, of your thoughts…

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