Exposure of A Golden Rose

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

By no comparison, 

are my petal’s like any other,
my rose is eccentric,
visually stimulated by mood
To change colors, like my eyes,
both have over witnessed tons of follies,
but continuously my petal’s stand grounded, 
due too many more, outstanding, qualities.13102884_1343941575619698_1895825291025826535_n
My rose’s red aura, is my heart, bleeding, needing,
love and it’s notions, to write about, like oxygen,
for breathing.
Yellow amplifies my bold story, acquaintances, close contacts, caution, glory, the non chaotic, perfection, that keeps things in order,
My growth, and healing combined, needed like pebbles in springs, to purify the water’s.
But behold,
my gold,
24kt dipped rose,
It’s aura is so rich,
fully equipped, of roots, royalty, loves​ seniority​, sensuality, every aspect of appeal, with undying loyalty, expression,
my heart’s armour and shield, humour, romance, a mysterious riddle in which too reveal.
Exposure of a golden rose, standing in my presence, without, need of…

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