Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

She breathed deeply, stared at him as he slept,

while her past nudged her daydreams,

inquiring this time’s


For her heart weighed the cost of pro and cons before,

now it feared beating the same,

or rising to soar.

It merely slowed down to a murmur, since being punctured and bandanged by past sores.

Wondering the journey he’d decide to take her on,

once time slowly ticked-tocked toward a path, slow dancing alone. She pictured the main 3 types,

she’d currently known.

She investigated his face, his body, his neat clothes laying across the chair.

Wondering did he rotate between women or call himself a player.

To her he was very attentive, caring and sweet,

which could render him on rebound or married, just dousing some heat.

She stared so long trying to identify his aura,

he must of felt her energy and began, to stir.

Slightly awaken…

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