Twisted Word Play


Its flirty a little dirty,
syncing in words,
Sinking into the explicit
of a thirsty​ desires, urge.
In the trenches,
of sentences,
left traveling, too rub the smile,
to encourage,
too penetrate, 6d1e774db5bb892cf5f2683e17646229
a slippery paradise, that appears for miles.
Totally fascinated by engorged
and protruding growth,
tightly gripping,
with conviction,
alleviating the ache
of a stiffened curve inching, close
Strokes of passion’s satisfaction,
as introductory lips ,
up with hardened steel,
right before,
it met
soak and wet.
Aroused are the Tollhouse morsel-nips,
causing rapid breaths, surprised
when air hits, exposing the tongues tease and
moisture turns on,
and never forgets​.
Heightened roamings of ending request.
Filling up this tiny space,
without room to splurge,
arched back,
collective chills gather,
tingling, hit by every nerve.
Debut squirts against all will.
Pulsating, throbs taking it all in, stopping repeatedly,
before starting again.
A lingering daydream,
flees the scene,
before melting whispers,
start screaming.
The rush of enjoyment,
as a heightened​
roller coaster ride,
leaving a coconut pie, even creamier.
As longer strokes become musical floats,
in the ego’s parade too
pridefully gloat.
Lips and tongues hungrily slide, over, under and inside,
as eyes seductively contemplate whether too stare or cry.
A flexing muscle singlehandedly dives in, too divide.
Licked lips,
roughly grabbed hips,
while the pearl’s 
sitting pretty,
on top, hitting the elevator”s shaft, electrifies, the entire city.
As the crown keeps trying to wipe away the side grin, flexing, holding on, before going back in.
Twisted words play a climatic song, that drift harmoniously, in the wind.
While heaving chest suggest, erotic ears, take it, all in.

Erotic 18+ Mature Content Poetry
By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose



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