Stage Fright

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


Captured by a breath taking canvas, as conversant passion’s visit.
Rising intensities mingled with splendor,
of a trove heart’s conviction.
Strategically positioned to pacify,
an excessive, perfectionist mind.
Amped with visible candor,
the presence of relinquished time.
Frailty transcends, the ego’s thirst, of a first aid kit,
by flirting with an audience whose driven eyes focus ,
yet unresponsively sit.
Lest deviate, the welcome mat,
at least for a hecklers display.
Rushing urgently thru too- important passage’s, for a yielding crowd’s hooray.
Stratus overhead looming,
warnings of a pending storm,
as a suppressed echo reached out,
to coddle, dialects of revenant forms.
Daunting silence confused the Queen’s humble regard,
introducing a fear,
which made this audience,
seem all too hard.
No throat clearing or even a singled out cough,
only draped silence, like that of a haunted, and abandoned loft.
Improvised by pardons,
decreasing the ego’s delight,
as a precarious…

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