Once I Found Myself..

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


Buried in chores, children and marriage.
A few other mundane, responsibilities that drained my purpose, my mystique, my aura,
my chancey inheritance.
Predecisive before I knew directions way, all the approval given, too answers ,
before learning the power of No and toward delays.
I found myself becoming overwhelmingly drained, loving openly in view,
with my mind
hostaged by my star,
not from a celebrity’s perspective​, but my own flight’s​ by far.
Once I found myself,
along a peaceful journeys trance, forgotten goals,
reconfirming they’re undeniable chance .
As I snapped awake,
Most predestined dreams,
no longer were at stake,
but I grew past who I was, the roles I’d been given, rising into a new better skin, that I actually fit in.
Once, I found myself,
I became rich, and much fuller than fate’s timely help,
By any healings of someone else, or the kind of chocolate gratitude, that…

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