Devastation’s Debut

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Female_devilDefaming, defeated devil, history’s repeated by the hands of your own shovel.
Desperately looking to steal children souls, usually someone elses child is your ultimate, goal.
Thrice you tried , twice you succeeded, despite your deceptive practices, being completed.
A government retiree happy,
too be in court all day long.
With lies, misery and despicable wrongs.
You fool many,
showing all your teeth,
fabricating, using other’s to accommodate your needs.
Money hunger serpent,
bleeding everyone of their smile’s.
When you shipped off your own kids long ago,
with smoke screens and smiles.
The 1st born’s, firstborn is your specific requirement,
while your black heart and soul, takeover their
entire environment.
Signing statements, thinking no one, can outsmart you.
Taking guardianship, brainwashing, and lying in plain view.
Hiding people’s kids, feeding CPA,
fake empathy toward their story’s regarding their kids’ problems,
as you lie,
you’ve endured the same.
Always stealing…

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