Temptation’s Rage

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


Hollow offenses, apologies staged.

Attentive prowess heightened, plateaued to engage.

Apple of the eye lost completely, by a turned page.

For persuasive thought’s lack reasoning, as embers, warm-up

to pending phases.

Breath takes turns, with hope-filled sighs, as the conscience grasps different stages.

Boasting seductively, of a hidden trophy, captured within it’s cages .

Offering riddles for a nymphoed mind, and imagination to temptation’s rages.

Eyes desiring, a break to another’s dimension.

As the body’s free will sizzles, melting away, from desirable attention.

The stranger’s tongue speaks, coherently, interrogating lost years age.

Craving of just once–to succumb, in catering to temptations,

seductive rage.

For the beast of expertise ,

becomes prevalent in its need,

to be unleashed and succeed,

from its dormant like sleep.

Stakes became high, as usually quiet, absent passion’s leaked,

teasing the insides, to speak back weakly.

Close call, denies a moment of heat, for temptation’s…

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