Maury Moment😱


A trap can catch a lion’s toe,
yet a son doubts,
the measured distance,
that a
a hoe will go.
Give her a foot,
she’ll take a mile
there’s no fooling me,
I just sit back
pretending well,
your best bet,  
 check under my smile.
Let’s say this was spades,
I’d play these cards,
I have 4 definites,
a maybe,
and 2 weak,
in heart’s.
I’m just Nanna,
did you get the gift,
I sent?
Swab the jaw my sweet,
So, I don’t have too,
whoop that ass,
during your Maury,



Little Limerick​ By Tamara Dorsey-Moore 😂😂😂
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017



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