Heart Soar’s 

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Love me inside out, for some areas shan’t be pierced again.

Better challenge the mind, for the heart’s no longer, an easy win.

It’s the, generator of my being,

my love core’s meaning,

my interior belief’s.

As well as caught off guard feelings.

All my second guesses,

The healing process, of my stresses .

above all, my daily internal prayer and repetitive taught lessons.

A mosaic masterpiece, mended, counselee on my part,

of pieces collaged together,

in the bask of patchwork art.

A brilliantly flawed masterpiece of toppled mystique, perfected in Topaz, golden, genuine and unique.

And no more, ever again, to be held hostage, by vengeful trickery’s defeat.

Complete deafness to arguments ,

by interrogation trap, repeats.

An endless, antagonizing–avalanche, of accusatory riddles.

By babbling eyes, inspired by brooks.

Keeping my loyal, heart in the middle.

A stable conscience and hospitalized ego, pair up by taking a back…

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