The Street Speaks

She bellows too them, you want me!
Need me! Come too me!03b8cb011da1593380e8adff6626fd1e
Too the young, who can’t deny her freedom.
As her double standards,
toss parents aside,
too teach the children,
they don’t really, need them.
Every plan,
is devised too be conquered,
her agenda is too reap,
not benefits, but lives,
through the tainted name brand company, she keeps.
For, depopulation,
is on the rise.
She’s much bolder endorsed,
she has backing,
that stretches for miles,
working, her ways through
deviating mergewith huge conglomerates, 

unleashing her wiles.
Her appearance has waned,
and stained many, over the years,
as she works extra hard,
too pass out wrongful death tears.
Was a certain demographic, at one time,
now she’s included everyone.
The have and have nots,
no discrimination,
she only seeks input,
too unravel families,
after knowing their destinations.

Having eyes behind and overhead, she seeks numbers by census, never enough sadness,
until enough are dead by her sentence.
Her work has been seen throughout history, agenda’s set,
too keep decades of misery, a head start toward effortless
“I keep technology new, innovating, they no longer pay attention to my signs, I’m assuming at the 3-way stop, one was texting, one was buzzed and the other drunk out his mind”.
A few too remember and recognize, was MLK Jr., Malcolm, Panther’s existed,
until drugs and gang violence, were on the rise, for that’s the way she fixed it.
She noticed, it didn’t effect everyone,
so she changed the stories cover,
for a different and bigger outcome.
Now they would kill for shoes inside her, for clothing, sacs, reps and more,
“just jail most of the men,”
and let the women become whores,
give em the “little black dress”
and makeup too express,
how too be a sexy feminist, behind closed doors.
And by the time,
the men get out, if so,
they won’t want to hear any of this.
“It’ll be perfect running the men’s minds in circles, tell the women they don’t need them, and then ask the men, why are the women so full of attitude and edgy?
“And boom we’re almost there”,
“call it a move something dress”,
“to keep them arguing,
“Hell, I don’t care”!
“But it appears the men are still having some kind of relations,
making babies, late into the night”. “Amp up the after-hour and strip clubs, until it’s absolutely can’t go without a fight”!
Allow the stores and Coney island’s to stay awake for them,
that way,
they’ll fight to the death over women and etc., after a malt liquor or two.
Let dawn, catch him coming home,
as trust fails becoming an enemy, 

as secrets become their friend,
her move something will have turned into “a fuck him girl dress”, as the, table turning begins.
They’re procreating, and the men are sticking around, still?
Send them to Maury let’s see what he reveals,
and by chance he’s not up,
for the embarrassment of the show, “tell him too get a twin packed DNA from the pharmacy, on the hoe”.
However it’s done, it’ll be my way, my itinerary, my substances, my agenda’s way”.

Well I’ll tell you what, let’s lace the baby formula, with infertility substances​, and if that doesn’t work out, add soy,
to make the girls over develop faster, while feminizing the boys.
Go ahead add, lead too all the water systems too give mental issue surprises,
then line up a bunch of programs,
In appearance of mental help,
close them down, right before they’re eyes.
I’m the street look both ways before crossing me, and remember inside me,
“They will lie, make money, fight, cry, OD, get high, and die, for my love, don’t believe me? You’ll see.”
I have Mayor’s, police, Congress and council, in the palm of my hands, when I say jump, they accompany that jump, with a dance”.
So I look forward to the next protest,
inside my avenues,
as a million marches,
have passed through me, the tens of thousands of missing family members, that are unrecognizably sleep, that you’ll never again see.
Oh yeah, I have a black market for parts, and sex trafficking right in plain view,
so be my guest, go ahead and get out of hand, do what you do
” I’ll just display tons of activity on my lands, that’ll enforce my officers, to break a few rules”.
Hmm, obviously some have already connected the dots as planned. I even have local stores
add poisonous glue too foods,
if the prescipted medicine side effects,
don’t kill first, the life threatening diseases will subcumb them they’re pets and they’re tots too.
Tell them vaccinations are an absolute must,
Or attend no school, until that’s set up.
Yes, I’m the streets, nothing goes passed me,
My informants hear through your game systems, phones and smart TVs.
My copters keep you busy and dizzy, hating one another,
as the 90’s and current kids,
took the bait of rap and hate
And stopped listening to you, “single” mothers.
While ton’s of my agenda’s are organized conveniently right outside your door, the higher ups get paid, too promote the commotion that I stir,
and you didn’t hear this from me, but everyone of you,
any part of my streets,
any State, is directly enjoying my newest chips, until I awaken and make you splurge, activating you by a whiff.
Life Lessons from an awakened mind.
By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
My Thoughts
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017
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