The Cat’s Out the Bag that Killed Curiosity.. 

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Warnings had been posted,

defeated or alive.

Rewarded to kill motivation and take away the drive.

Like a genie in the lamp, Catastrophe was banned.

So Curiosity arrogantly took the challenge, becoming an adoring fan.

Recognized my stardom, knows who I am.

Yet his mind was engulfed by visions of chocolate, atop all

his Sundae plans.

Investigating the ingredients, intrigued by ending proof. Compelled jealousies arose,

from his bitter sweet tooth.

Angered by denial,

calling for a truce, wondering how Catastrophe, made him so ruthless.

I became a cat of consequence, ambush of seduction,

an embellished intrusion,

sprawled and enthused by his reduction.

Entranced by his own swag, confident in his takings,

allowing the cat out the bag,

upon his whining and caking.

Aloof to his confusions , perpetuating my ego’s growth,

a satisfied rider into the sunset, as

staring eyes, proceeded to close.

Scared to make a move…

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