Fantasy’s Reel

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

It was inquired about her Fantasy, her head dropped,

from how heavy they were,

and then she spoke volume’s

as she looked back up, saying,

but a few.

For she had many inside,

stating from importance,

off the top of her head,

the one’s she particularly knew.

“My Fantasy is for rainbow’s to mesh, so I can see the vividness of they’re colors boldly outstretched”,

without being weighed and under scrutiny, as we undress.

Free to express the carnal images, daydreamed, we’ve so long requests.”

“The height of your might as it enters my night’s pie, only the slightest fight, would be, entering its tightened cry.

Letting go, as our flight ends inside, instead of under watchful disapproving, eye’s in the sky.”

“As the nakedness of our minds, passes Go”, for nothing around would astound, or remain on hold.”

“Then to reach inside the heart’s that held outdated anger,


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