The Hushed Kiss

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Found myself singing the song inside my head, 

moving toward the window’s sunlight,
As thoughts of his words, came too me, instead.

Saying, I was so different,

spiritually gifted, 240_F_71792881_LbIaYu1vPrTxBzaAiVA6ZVFn0khB8XbJ

a wild child, with the effects of a sauna’s smile,
that warmed any cooled heart
for thousands, of miles.
Looking through my reflective souls’,
he spoke so sweet,
of my honey’s gold,
where, grey flecks peeked in- taking over,
boldly- mixing,
Yet also reside there.
How my eyes held his heart still, into a telepathic stare off,
a contest,
a spiritual quest, a hunger at will.
As my mind revealed needful urgence to purge,
too chime in,
A hidden control’s

natural need,

too add a semi colon, exclamation mark, or a period, too the end.
It’s really how my humble start off, went vain,

capturing his compliment’s, from they’re freedom to hang.

Not full yet I began to ramble.

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