Karma Knocks

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


After many heartbreaking setbacks, Karma climbed stairs,

seeking entrance to your front door.

Karma’s knocking!

Interested in speaking with you,

as you ignore the knocks,

to appear without a clue.

As presumption’s are piled up multiple levels against you,

due to other’s misfortunate circumstances in past,

that riddled of

laughter’s stew.

While some say,

how the mighty has fallen.

They’ve laid waiting upon your demise, and for you to start crawling.

As Karma’s whisper echoes,

in your darkest hour, with more bad news.

In remembrance of your breaking every, single rule.

Left without a World,

still refusing to bend a knee,

never thinking that refusing guidance,

is like refusing to breathe.

Swore you had this mapped out, tears and years ago.

Now repeated lessons are faced, without,

any direction shown.

Repentance to mend the fences, calls out thirstily for water,

to apply to burned bridges,

as judgment yanks privilege…

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