Chocolate Cotton Candy Infusion

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

​He stayed addicted 

by the buffet before him. 

Never quite tasted anything, so sweet, as this bizarre, infusion, he was exploring.

The moistest, smooth velvety chocolate, with a cotton candy mix. 

He savored it’s sweet richness, simultaneously intrigued, by it’s returned tongue, to his kisses.

As his guilt overwhelmed him, 

by 2nd helpings, that were followed, by his 5th and 6th. 

Inclined to ravish each depthful layer’s ooze, for it not only offered his pallet satisfaction, 

but added visual stimulation’s crave, to his greedy, dessert spoon. 

Unable too believe how he’d gone without this combination, so long, resembling a lava cake experience , bursting, with a seductive

 external song. 

As this infusion’s intrusion, bewildered and bewitched, an intriguing, mix, inside.  

Compelling him in no comparison, as captivating to watch, as the chocolate cotton candy, infused ride. 

For, in its fully erupted, conclusion’s end, he was left with chills outside…

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