Pick Your Poison’s Flavor

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


An unflattering sky,
since time flies,
between 3:00 and 5:00 am, 

as silver birds scatter and purge altered surprises, too the lambs (us).
Afraid too now, look up, for what are the real contents that fill your cup?slide-issues-wastewater-940x400
Multitudes of ingredients too enhance the worst, urban behaviors.
As cancer type illnesses fall upon suburban lungs, to savor.
Only while sleep, will assorted flavors be released, daily as the sky, forcibly bleeds.
Sprinkled agents mix the air,
too awake communities, accustomed to fail,
as no longer do they look up 

too count,
the accountable trails.
Every illness on the rise,
as most
excuses chime in,
another wicked allergy season,
about to begin,
when it’s evident, that the allergy, vaccination and flu season’s,
no longer end.
Awaken eyes know the riddle too many crimes, and death’s with reason.

Pick your Poison’s flavor.

For every other week, you boil your tap,

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