Neverending Road

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


When this Lifetime’s over,


don’t look for me again,

I’m standing by this times vow’s, still promising love until the end.

The familiarity of our paths,

have crossed forever’s time.

As many forgotten chapter’s clutter, a long winded story’s mind.

If you should find a road, that appears to lead to me,

stop in your tracks,

turn around and then proceed.

We’ve finished each other sentences, lust for one another beyond compare, read each other’s thoughts,

also been the attractive envied pair.

Would break up to make up multiple times, stripping away importance,

of each other’s individual mind.

Role played for decades,

until it came time to share dreams, and it was then realization set in, married, living together, yet not quite as a team.

In the next life, I will know you by your eyes,

and look the other way,

familiarity flag’s will alert me of past…

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