Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Intertwined as the night, whispers to the dawn.

A figure eight appears in reference, of strategic placed legs and arms.

The heart enjoys, the bareness of love’s artful display.

While an animalistic world sleeps, peace conforms to renegade.

Silky oiled skin,

draped by toga attire.

Dissipates, as wood is added,

to rekindle the previous fire.

Aphrodisiacal fragrant, contributes, awakenings by arousing dreams,

in reality a spontaneous shared paradise,

of a sauna’s torrid steam.

A scented candle’s flame–flickers, to re-enhance

and re-urge.

The dominance of a second wind challenge,

already moves in on the verge.

Music fills the lair, of happenstance repeats.

A respectively held out competition, is counted as a funned and breath taking feat.

Rhythmical gymnastics permissively, goes by a melodious beat.

As this insightful awakening, offers reasonings

to the previous cuddles,

of exhausted, lover’s retreat.

BY Tamara Moore

Thinker on the loose

Morning duo~



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