Aphrodite Theme

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

I breathe love into existence,
like air through the lungs.

For it is an infinite affair,

I will always have, with love.

In my life, I speak love’s language, quite fluently, in multiple tongues.

I once took cupid aside,

regarding his arrows being dull.

I romantically, express love’s attributes, by encouraging an answer, when it calls.

As well as witnessing the sweetest of feelings,

once the heart actually, falls.

Being a Lover of love is a fulltime job, many often fall short breaking all its laws.

By, selfishly making love an angry passion, and that’s when I’m assigned, to get involved.

I need first time love’s, euphoric newness, saturating through my veins

Joyful of the debut, of goose bumps, raised upon my skin.

My heart marvels, a standing ovation, after it performs and sings.

Enthralled by the genuine feelings, that only butterflies of true love can bring.

My heart…

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