Young Tammy (4mins)

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Listen now, because you won’t later.

You’ll be set in your ways .

So, please do me this favor.

Sit down, and savor,

the words that I‘m saying.

Everything I’m telling you,

you will go through as planned.

There’ll be lots of game player’s, undoubtedly, waiting on your naïve hand.

So watch who you entrust your heart, and to whom you cater too.

You will always want love,

but love may not always want you.

Keep on your path of education,

and please remain on guard.

So, if you fall from good graces,

to recover, it won’t be so hard.

That way you‘ll have more to rely on, from the very start,

then a trail of lost loves, a bruised ego and your own foolish heart.

Your virtue was stolen and dismissed, like a pass, however that will create your drive, and you’ll get over that fast.

Some people…

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