Dear Teammate

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


Dear, Teammate

I won’t cover every issue at this time but its been brought to my attention, the need to address a few things on my mind.

I don’t need you taking over the cooking”taking over” being the keyword, because it’s late sometimes.

Or to remind me not to spend too much,

to look exceptional on your clock or mine.

Keep it to yourself that I’m over dressed a bit.

Practice more suppression, believe me, I am an expert at it.

Remember to lower you voice especially, when speaking to me. I’m not a feminist but am sure, that excitement could be placed in other area’s for me too see.

Don’t become complacent or non-spicy on my time, and when I’m complimented on my sexiness– by others, shush, because that’s mine.

Treasure and appreciate everything I am, for being a woman is much harder than where you can ram…

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