The Poor Can’t Afford Open Relationship’s

 True short story..


There was a mixed guy who had rich family values,
until he met her,
He was kind of a cute geeky nerdish type, like Weird Al Yankovich infused
with Jon B’s potential,
too merge.
I’m supposing, her urban brought flavor too his vanilla,
as their two entirely different upbringings, began too splurge.
I knew them both separately,
since grade school,
from the old neighborhood.
Knowing their lives meshing,
symbolized in my pyshe,
nothing good.
I’m a stiggler for “real” romance,
but’ve never trusted​ opposite’s attracting,
he was a virgin and honor student, while her daily skipping in High school,
took in blocks,
of interacting.
I witnessed a partial imbalance there, fearful in where it was heading, especially, after a three month engagement,
and the omen of his ageless white mother, dressed head to toe in black, loathing, at his wedding.
After the I do’s
the bride bragged a few months,
of places her new husband took her,
too fancy restaurants, 4* hotels, trips, movies, carnivals , etc.,
for the sake of keepsakes, souvenirs, toward many etched milestones, to be remembered.
He worked hard to please her, he loved her, after all she was his first,
as their family grew off her previous two,
he proudly called his own,
before she had his two.
As problems began to arise,
due to her boredom at home.
However she quickly bolted from his undying affection,
began partying most weekends, without his approval,
an invitation, and completely away, from his protection,
into the unknown.
Financially, he couldn’t keep up, as bills began piling, affecting the homefront,
she barely visited, now.
She blamed him,
the husband of not working enough hours, saying embarrasingly,
he was chasing behind her steps,
checking up on her intentions.
As he took on more hours,
yet the kids still saw more of him,
as she began staying out for weeks, also away from them.
She came home one day to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, and also to “talk”,
gave a brief summary of needing more than his inexperienced sex and gave ultimatums,
regarding an open marriage,
he’d either agree too or she’d walk.
They argued and fought for a month straight, he was just happy she was home, too work on “them”.
As she told social media, how much, but not the real reason, she hated, him.
He gave in, as she began talks of moving a lover in or herself out soon, as he agreed to this open relationship,
knowing it sealed their doom.
She dated several guys,
disgustingly comparing him, keeping him in competition,
as he sought out only one,
feeling awkward by reoccurring thoughts of being only with his wife, who was his first, supposedly the love of his life, and his children’s mother..
Pushing that out his mind,
he put everything he had into this one conquest,
he wined and dined this new lady friend,
as his wife’s​ double standards kicked in, she became obviously​, angry and jealously detesting.
In her selfish mind she would bed whomever she wanted,
but also suggested​, how he’d go about it.
Controlling every aspect that entered his mind,
saying he took them to their special places, or was wasting time,
tricking and spending house money, too simply get primed.
She broke him,
made him get rid of his one new friend,
he began thinking to himself,
she was jealous, because she loved him, and maybe they could re-mend.
So much for those thoughts,
she casually moved a month later,
Expressing a too everyone a new fiance she’d marry,
right after his release of a five to seven year sentence,
as she moved back too her husband, shamefully, and patiently waited.
Her husband became stressed to the end, as she fed him lines, that
they were better off as friends.
He stayed in the background,
no sexual activity, working, raising kids, taking family portraits, basically,
honoring his failed marriage too the end,
as the man she waited for,
got out, wanting nothing to do with her.
She went back to her old faithful, the husband she left many times, the shoulder to lean, the friend, who watched with a broken heart, up close
from what he had seen too late, as well thoughts that entered his mind.
As everyone stopped​ watching the total disgrace, of their living out loud,
and moving in haste,
somewhere within yet another few hidden years,
came some form of substance- between them, that wasn’t very clear,
as they looked back on a moving freight train, that possibly held 18 years, of wasted tears.
As the rot of karma had caught up to them both,
no longer able too save the other’s​ rep,
or count money spent on different lovers, or earn proper respect, or gain insight to others deceptive plans.
No it was too late , someone was slipped a foreign substance,
that eventually took a toll on them both.
As they clung to one another,
too late too start over, closure, working on heart’s that wandered,
or be more than friends,
because the poor can’t afford open relationship’s,
because real life,
will do them in.

Life Lesson Relationship Story
By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose Poetry/Blog
Copyright © 2017


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