My Best

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Hated me being the best, for it offended you, 

to wonder constantly upon discovery,
of who else knew.
As I held your angry attention, fought my way through your stresses,
waited patiently upon your trust and honestly, c518805510dda47ec270e29f7255157f
answered all your probing questions .
Maybe my confidence,
unnerved you,
to the bitter core,
when you had the option,
to keep going,
instead of taking on more
then you bargained for.
You were a foe to my friendly nature, never quite got my ambitious mind, You never welcomed my optimism, my smile or accepted the need of my quiet time.
I never succumbed to limitations,
as the ceiling was yours,
mine’s the sky.
You became driven by your own mind’s stories,
trying to catch me,
in a lie.
They say opposites attract,
well I beg to differ.
I learned obsession
isn’t love,
as you give
no more,
then a few stalkers,

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