Like I’m Owed Something..

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Heard it several times, 

the annoying buzz
of a Bumblebee overhead.
Clumsily bumping, yet leading my deaf ears,
into the opportune,
 patience of my honey
words, instead .
Never distractingly
pointing me out, dreamsparallel10-1.jpg
yet certainly,
directed, at me.
To get a reaction,
as I smugly,
give no satisfaction to them,
holding my peace,
but not my passion,
smiling as the Cheshire cat,
given a chance to express,
my alphabeticalized, facts.
I act entitled hmm,
like the world owes me, something.
Well in all truth,
I have proof,
 of not the world,

but many owe me,
are indebted, by my life’s root, the twist and turns,
without sympathy,
and let’s just say, it’s overdue.
Like someone owes me..
My virtue,
lost- too never return again,
where as justice was tripped,
despite, my turning the other cheek,
allowing them to win in the end.
Apologies that have never met my…

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