In My Dream


For once I welcomed sleep,
it actually came quite simple,
no stresses,
or nagging reasons
to rub my “temple”.
I found myself for once needing nothing,
from where I stood, at this point,
for the ways you strolled,
through my mind daily,
was like you owned the joint.
No, I strickly allowed my mind to drift,
taking me there,
floating directly, towards your kiss,
where I knew you’d be, waiting.
I turned over once shifting to my back,
found myself instantly dreaming,
as you came without hesitation,
I felt my body steaming.
Casually you complimented my beautiful smile,
while examing it very closely.
As I closed my eyes,
enjoying the feelings, of your hands, lips and the atmosphere mostly.
Quickly I felt excitement hit,
as you kept a firm grip,
watching your favorite parts lift, on me,
speaking a sweet ending dream, causing my
gaze to crave peeks.
As you told me too scream your name at the stream,
but I couldn’t understand every word said, as the dream, kept eating at me,
you stop talking licking a donut’s cream.
I felt myself floating, drifting back into bed, that’s when I saw it
still sleep, half inside the dream.
As the stream came closer into view, your name, I seductively, screamed.

Good Night…Sweet dreams!
By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright Β© 2017


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