Defensive Heart’s Peace


Gray adversity,
skies of lead,
broadcasting a worthy,
silver lining is dead.
All the blackmail and past plans,
for pain, are no longer suitable to make there stains.
To never grasp love’s concept,
is a lonely disaster.
To inhale negative attention,
and be more masterful after.
No matter the layers of walls you built,
it was recognizably visual ,
your misery’s guilt.
All the stalking’s in life, has come to an end,
before ideals of, bargaining witnessed, you could be a friend.
Some never saw the sensitive natured​ you, while others noticed it cried out,
in plain view.
Made your theme “the man everyone loves to hate”.
Not only destroyed your heart, but sealed your fate.
I witnessed the calm down, a few years ago,
even questioned my heart’s theory, in forgiving and letting go.
Yet I knew, you tried more secretly in yourself, caring how other’s perceived, your feelings undressed.
Peace with me, was made,
before your final transition,
as an everlasting dreamworld, is now your position.
Go freely now and embrace the sun, dream your dreams, and be one with God.
For he only knows the issues that flow in regard.
This world only preceived, your flawed imperfections, from the very start.
When all, your defensed heart needed was assistance, tearing down and reconstruction, of your tumultuous walls.
Sad Poetry By Tamara Moore
Thinker on the loose
Rest peacefully…
Copyright (c) 2015 Reserved purposes intended.


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