I have mystique wanderlust kind of love, looking up at the stars,
driving my imagination into a dimension,
right within my own, backyard.
I’m not ashamed, by the least,
I’m a stargazer..
Just mentioning it,
barely contains my behavior.
Kept hidden inside,
it’s my body’s little secret,
an attraction
being one with nature,
it likes to hide.
It does fabulously contribute a fascinating visual trip,
stimulating all the senses,
expertly after a spliff.
As it caters to the enjoyment,
of my cosmic hips,
channeling a tingling
to eclipse, an awakened gaze
from my orgasmic clit,
as I lay back engulfed in the skies to thank it,
its spreaded freely,
over me,
as an universal​ blanket.
Slipping into a drifted stare,
a wondrous nights dream,
as gravitational pulls,
my attention, by a thread, by confetti kisses,
Bursting at the seams.
Trying my best to hold it and not flip,
knowing it
will show the flow of my galactic slip,
spilling as showering stars in every direction,
using my stargazing experience,
at my own discretion.
No fear, as I look out,
into the atmosphere.
So close now,
the stars twinkle in notes musically achieved,
granting a wish, as my digits feel a querulous wind’s haste,
in record speed.
As my mind focuses on the moment, releasing all my work week’s, debris.
My hungry core tightens abruptly, locking my body, in a meal of chills,
as the big dipper, watches
the debut,
in awe,
pleasurably reeling.
Ripping off into a shooting star,
as I felt every starburst shiver, aligned within my feelings, as the sky collectively admired, a rippled awaited river.

I’m a stargazer.
POETRY BY Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright (c) 2017 Reserved purposes intended. Mature
Content 18+
Thanks for reading ❤


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