Heaviness reaches in to weigh down smiles,
a crossed line turned,
walking in shoes,
of others
too tight,
for all the miles.
Overwhelmed by situations unethically tied.
sitting by in hope,
the game of chance,
picks the right door,
in which to pry.
Displaced, by a bitter taste,
to understand it,
as homing pigeons,
fly the coop,
to not be reprimanded.
Stunted growth,
as both,
take in despair.
Deception is her name,
full of herself,
drinking in,
the uncare.
Offering yet another bastard’s, bastard child,
lying to import,
superior appearance,
for a better lifestyle,
gainful in support.
Overwhelmed by practiced missiles, looming in air,
mixing with chemtrails,
already daily gifted,
of creepy​ sprinkles, too spare.
Overwhelmed how three out of five grands, are of my bloodline’s revision,
as Maury refuses to return calls,
for the D-N-A’s visit.
by the cries of the forgotten.
Loving hearts that turned plotting.
The turned spying of secret keepers, the satanic chants that cry, for the constant presence, of the grim reaper.
All visiously hardened,
seen frivolous by untrained eyes.
As well the
invisible guidelines,
that transparently, apply.
Old news,
but overwhelmed by the hungry and homeless turned criminals,
awaiting three hots and a cot, breaking into prison,
by any means a necessary, a spot.
Overwhelmed, as thinking overthinks
crazily like a fox,
titled by the sleeping, the sheeple
as paranoia
instead of compared,
outside the box.

By Tamara Dorsey-Moore
Thinker on the Loose
Copyright © 2017


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