Stay Children..

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Let them remain children as long as they need,

enjoying but once the sweetened kiss not to miss, of blissful memories.

The different way they see the sun, running up, then rolling down hills, hide and seek, tag you’re it fun!

Of fun’s automatic chills.

Laying back in the whispers of plush grass and dandelion field’s.

Watching a never ending sky,

as big as they’re fascinated eyes can hold,

the what ifs and whys in life the smiles taken as gold.

The bold unstoppable laughter that held alliance,

of a vivid imagination goal.

The chase to trace well told stories, drawing, falling, running against the wind, skipping thru puddles of rain,

into winter’s chill, back, into Spring, once again.

Limit the technology hold of devices, that restrain they’re liveliness.

As it only restricts memories of there active pricelessness,

the love of butterflies and bubbles, swimming holes, playing ball, catching…

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