A Mother’s Rant 

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Would like the return of longevity, while confronting the aspects of gravity.

A winning effort shown,

for reduction in weight.

Envisioning the youthful years,

of my hour’s shape.

To rely upon a wishing well’s promised truth,

by drinking hastily,
from the mystical fountain of youth.

Anxious to rub a lamp, to witness it’s proof, upon releasing a Genie to see if its true.

My 1st wish, is earlier wisdom obtained,
2nd, that every black hair, fought hardest to remain.

3rd, Hmm, to have kept my sweet sensual voice, upon hollering,

going hoarse,calling after my boys.

In a breeze I use to run up and downstairs,

great balance, no sprains, loss of breath, or care.

Desire the continued smoothness of my milk bathed skin, free of oils, and creams to conceal and of moistures to rub in.

Definitely, wished upon a few stars, for the sparkle in my mood changing…

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