Love of Being A woman

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled


I’ve always embraced being the fairer sex.
Never once, felt the need ,too question that.
Uplifting, a writer, the unconditional loving type,
while exhibiting order, and
meeting of the minds, as an idealistic Wife.

Patient, understanding,
an amazing listener,
independent and reliable, as that of a Sister.

Gifted, creative, mind over matters, self reliance, respectful, and refined like a Dancer.

I’m that whisper in your ear, that calms you down, that sweet laughter of mine, melts away any frown.

A walking book, of self help,
with wisdom beyond my age.
An abundance of fulfilled depth,
that offers you pleasure, reading my pages.
Some would say I’m conceited, others say too modest,
however I enjoy,
being an excellent Poetic Goddess.

A run way model?
Not to all, but of course, in my mind.
Showing off curves, a twist of the hips, while flashing a sexy smile.

Listening heart…

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